Where do the clothes come from?

We consign new and like-new clothing from families whose children have outgrown it. Most of the clothing we sell has been worn but is in excellent condition.

What if I receive an item that is not in the condition I expected?

We take great care to make sure all the clothing we sell is clearly categorised and any small defects highlighted on the sale page. We back up all our sales with a 100% guarantee so if you are not happy with your purchase we will provide 100% money-back guarantee as long as you return it within 14 days of purchase. Send us an email within 7 days of purchase and let us know you had a problem and we’ll fix it.  

What brands do you accept?

Please see our Brands We Accept page for guidance on what brands are acceptable.The list is not definitive but there to serve as a a guide. If you any queries about a brand you may have please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clothes we do not accept are items  from supermarket brands such as George, Cherokee, F&F, TU, Carrefour, Al Campo and any other similar brands such as Primark, Kiabi, H&M.


Brands We Accept

Do you accept shoes/socks/swimsuits, etc? 

We do not accept socks, towels or gowns. We will accept swimsuits and shoes that are new and unworn. We also accept dressing up costumes that are in excellent condition from a reputable store such as Disney/Early Learning Centre/El Corte Inglès

Do you accept clothing that is out of season?

From Feb to Aug we will accept Spring/Summer clothing and from Sept to Feb we will accept Winter/Autumn clothing. 

Do you accept clothing that has my child's name written on it?

Yes, we accept clothing with names written in, as long as the writing isn’t on the fabric itself. (If it were written on the tag, for example.) 

How much do you pay for different items and how did you come up with those amounts?

We have done a lot of research on how the prices should be set up for the items based on their brand, condition and style. We determine our prices through our knowledge of these brands and the market for baby and kids’ clothing. We know what we can sell clothing for and we take into account the work required to sort, steam, style, photograph and store clothing and then do all the marketing needed to attract buyers.

Why didn't you accept all of my items? I thought they were in very good condition?

It is in both of our interests for us to consign as many items from you as possible. 

Usually, if you have read our guidelines and looked over your clothing carefully under natural light by a window then it is more likely that all or most of your items might have been accepted. When you are choosing an item to send to us, think if you would be thrilled to purchase an item like that. If you can’t honestly say so, then do not send it to us as we will not accept it either.

Why should I sell to you when I can make more money on Ebay or on Facebook Groups? 

You can probably make more money selling individual pieces on eBay or Facebook groups, but most sellers find it’s not worth all the extra time and effort required.  

What happens to the clothing that doesn't sell? Can I get it back?

Any clothing that doesn't sell within the consignment period of 90 days can be collected from us within 7 days after your consignment period has finished. After 7 days the items will become property of Halo Preloved and will be donated to a local charity such as SOS Mamas or recycled.