How to Sell

How Does it Work?

Send us detailed photos of the items you would like to sell and we will get back to you to let you know what we will accept. If you have 8 or more items, we will arrange for collection of your clothes.

What Do We Accept?

We accept like-new and new children's high-quality clothing, from newborn up to 12 years old. See a guidance list of the brands we accept, as well as those we don't, on the link below.

Brands we Accept

How are you Paid?

You will be paid by bank transfer or Paypal in the first 10-14 days of each calendar month, depending on how many of your items have been sold. (Any items sold in the last 7 days of the month will be paid the following month due to our returns policy).


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Option 1 - Consignment

- Consignment clients receive 40% of the sale price for their items after the items have sold, or 50% if sale is over 40€; paid directly to their bank or PayPal account monthly.

- Items that don't sell after 12 weeks are available for collection. Those items not collected within 7 days of the end of sale period will be donated to a local charity of our choice.

Option 2 - Store Credit

- Store Credit clients receive 50-60% of the sale price of their item as credit to be used in-store.

- This is not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Option 3 - Halo Love

- Halo Love is an option for those clients who would like to give back while working towards a sustainable environment.

- Only 20% of those items taken to charity shops are actually sold therefore we would like to help prolong the life of our children's clothes while at the same time helping others.

- Halo Preloved will fulfil the sale, marketing and distribution of all clothes donated to Halo Love with all proceeds going to a charity of your choice.